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The cooling tower

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The water wheel type rotating water distribution device is adopted, and the floating water volume is less than or equal to 0.0001. The effect of saving water resources is achieved.
Using the “bottle” design, the wind resistance is minimal, the whole tower structure is light and exquisite, and the assembly is convenient
The tower is made of high-quality glass fiber reinforced plastic, and the surface glue is imported raw materials, which is resistant to ultraviolet radiation, and can keep it from aging and fading all year round.
The transmission components adopt special motors and fans for outdoor vertical cooling towers, which have the advantages of energy saving and high efficiency; the reducer adopts special reducers for cooling towers, which has the characteristics of stable operation, long life, and low noise.
Tested by the filler light heat engineering test center, it has the characteristics of uniform redistribution, good hydrophilicity, low wind resistance, high temperature resistance, etc.
The cooling tower chassis can be used as a water collecting tray, and is equipped with automatic water replenishment, sewage and other devices, and can be used as a closed circulating pool without  another pool

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