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Plastic mixing machine

Short Description:

1. Plastic mixing machine consists of hopper, stent, motor and control box, and hopper is used to place a mixed plastic raw material. The motor is typically 380V industrial motor, and the control box is composed of a timing switch relay and a switch.

2, the method used is to open the safety partition, place the hopper vertical to fix it with the latch, turn on the feed port screw, remember to fix the bottom-up screws below

3, put the plastic raw material into the hopper, pay attention to the hopper must leave the qi for the raw material flip

4, after placing the raw material, place the mixed color mother particles according to the proportion

5. Reset the feed port is tight, be sure to prevent it from leaking in the mixing process raw material.

6, turn off the safety partition and unplug the fixed latch, remember to unplug the fixed latch, avoid starting the motor

7. After all the steps above, start the switch to start mixing the raw material, and the timing switch is generally set at 10-20 points.

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