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No-Dust,No-Cleansuction Loader

Short Description:

√ No need to clean for 4 to 6months

√ Suitable for different kinds of material

√ Energy saving

√ European appearance design

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● Imported industrial high-speed carbon brush motor, small size and strong force, suitable for full return material, crushed material, raw material plus crushed material transportation

● Fully crushed material and toner asphalt material. One material does not need to be cleaned for 4 to 6 months

● Microcomputer processor memory control, the set parameters will not be lost after the power is cut off, no backup battery, independent display of material shortage alarm

● The main unit and the hopper are integrated design, which can be directly connected to the original batching hopper or the dryer, which is safe to operate and easy to use

● The vacuum hopper is made of stainless steel polishing, will not pollute the raw materials, and is beautiful

● The host adopts an open design, which is small in size and occupies a small area, which is convenient for flexible placement in the factory

● Equipped with pressurized oil storage tank to maintain sufficient air pressure and flow for a long time

● Equipped with a fast exhaust electronic pulse valve, which can effectively release energy storage gas, realize white-action cleaning of the filter element, and achieve smooth and useless delivery every time

● Brand-new open type. European appearance design is convenient for inspection and maintenance, and is practical


Power Voltage Delivery capacity Hopper volume Convey height Suction tube size Static  wind pressure Dimensions(mm) Weight
2.2kw 380v/50HZ 50-300kg/h 10L <3.5m 38mm/51mm 3200mm/H20 550*430*1200 75kg
3.0kw 380v/50HZ 50-300kg/h 10L <4.5m 38mm/51mm 3600mm/H20 550*430*1200 85kg

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