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Industrial air cooler

The primary advantage of an industrial air cooler is that it has a good cooling effect. It can adapt to various environments during operation and will quickly reduce the temperature of 4-12°C according to the environment. Secondly, industrial air coolers are very environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Industrial air coolers do not need to use compressors for refrigeration. There is no refrigerant and no copper pipes, which will not cause adverse effects on the environment. It is also very energy-saving. One air cooler works. It only consumes 1 kilowatt-hour of electricity per hour.

In addition, another reason for the popularity of industrial air coolers is that they are relatively flexible in installation. They can be installed on the roof, exterior walls and other places of the workshop without occupying the internal space of the workshop. Moreover, industrial air coolers are more durable. Industrial air coolers can be used for decades without replacement, which greatly reduces maintenance costs. And according to Ruitaifeng’s fan-machine combination concept, the combination of industrial large fans and air coolers can be used in various occasions and places, and the effect of cooling and ventilation can be greatly improved.

Post time: Aug-09-2021