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Hollow blow molding machine

Many plastic products in our lives are produced by hollow blow molding machines. Although they look relatively large, the bottles and cans of cosmetics, plastic bottles for drinking, and plastic toys for children, some plastic parts are produced by this big guy.

In addition to small plastic products, there are also many large plastic products, but a larger blow molding machine is needed for production and processing.

For example, plastic water tanks, plastic barrels and chemical barrels used in industry; plastic pallets used in the transportation industry; traffic road facilities, septic tanks, mobile toilets, and medical headboards used in public facilities; used in daily Plastic solar inner tanks, auto parts, large special-shaped toys, pipes, plates, etc. for life.

The products that can be produced by the hollow blow molding machines listed above are only the ones that everyone has come into contact with, and there are others that we have not seen. Except for some existing products, the current hollow blow molding machines can also cater to the production needs of some specific products. As long as the production plan of the hollow blow molding machine is formulated according to the production process requirements of the product, it also includes the design plan of the mold, because the mold plays a vital role in the molding of the product.

The same hollow blow molding machine equipment can also complete the production of different products, and only need to replace different molds. Therefore, the function of the hollow blow molding machine is still very extensive, and it can fully realize our long-term production plan.

Post time: Mar-12-2021