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Basic operation of the suction machine

Working principle of suction machine

The suction machine mostly adopts the vacuum suction method. The working principle of the vacuum suction is to form a certain negative pressure in the hopper cavity so that the material is sucked into the hopper. The working process of the automatic microcomputer vacuum suction machine is: when the hopper is short of material, the contact switch that detects the material sends a signal to the microcomputer of the suction machine, and the microcomputer gives a signal to start the motor for vacuuming. When the system reaches a certain degree of vacuum, it starts to suck material, and discharges the material into the hopper after the suction is completed. After a certain amount of preparation time is passed after the material is discharged, the next cycle process is carried out. When the hopper is full of material, the contact switch that detects the material will give a signal, and the suction action will be terminated. In the process of this reciprocating cycle, the materials can always meet the material requirements of the equipment.

The use of suction machine and matters needing attention

The main body and hopper of the split suction machine are designed separately, which is safe and simple. The independent filter device is easy to remove the dust. Exhaust 1:3 suction port split suction machine installation, independent suction machine installation, independent suction machine is small in size and light in weight, can be directly placed on the dryer or other raw material containers to complete automatic suction, During the use of the suction machine, insert the front suction nozzle (suction gun) into the material box 20-50cm. When the material in the material box is used up and the material suction machine cannot suck the material, the material suction machine will send out a no material alarm, and the suction operation should be stopped at this time. When the material box is filled with material, restart the suction operation. When the material in the material box can be sucked, but the suction machine still sounds an alarm, immediately stop the machine and cut off the power supply, check whether the motor is overloaded, and perform suction operation after troubleshooting. The suction machine should be cleaned regularly. First stop the operation of the suction machine, then disassemble the filter guard, remove the filter, shake the filter gently, shake off the dust and dirt, and wipe it with clean cotton yarn. And then assemble it.

In the process of using the suction machine, pay attention to check whether the suction tube is inserted into the raw material and whether it is jammed, whether the system is relatively closed, whether the hopper sealing ring and the filter sealing ring need to be replaced, whether the filter is blocked and whether it needs to be cleaned or replaced

Post time: Mar-01-2021