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We employ state-of-the art CDC/CAM technologies to design and build high-quality tooling.

We supply blow mound by customers’ demand for an increasing variety of markets applications ranging over wide-mouth jars, cosmetic and detergent bottles, pharmaceutical bottles, soya sauce and edible oil bottles, double seam can, bottled water, heat-resistant bottles, and CSD bottles.

But what will influence the service life of the mold?

The most important factor that determines the service life of the mold is the wear resistance of the mold material. The mold is subjected to considerable compressive stress and friction during work, and it is required that the mold can maintain its dimensional accuracy under strong friction. The wear of the mold is mainly mechanical wear, oxidation wear and melt wear. In order to improve the wear resistance of the die steel, it is necessary to maintain the high hardness of the die steel while ensuring that the composition, morphology and distribution of carbides or other hardening phases in the steel are reasonable. For molds that are in service under heavy load and high-speed wear conditions, the surface of the mold steel is required to form a thin and dense oxide film with good adhesion, maintain lubrication, and reduce melt wear such as sticking and welding between mold and work piece. It can reduce oxidative wear caused by oxidation on the mold surface. Therefore, the working conditions of the mold have a greater impact on the wear of the steel.

The wear resistance can be simulated by the test method to measure the relative wear resistance index as a parameter to characterize the level of wear resistance under different chemical compositions and organizational states.

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