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700G Automatic Loader

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√ Automatic

√ Low noise

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● Small size, light weight, strong suction, the equipment is easy to disassemble and install, the inner wall of the equipment is smooth, no gaps and no dead ends, exquisite workmanship

● It can be directly placed on the dryer to complete the automatic feeding work, one machine can be used in multiple sets of equipment in turn, high efficiency and energy saving, no need to warm up, standby operation and maintenance costs are low. It can be used for transportation in various environments, suitable for various special occasions and purposes.

● Strong conveying capacity, low energy consumption, good stability

● Microcomputer control, simple operation. Automatic, unmanned, and green production, which helps to increase productivity

● The operation process is carried out in a vacuum environment to avoid cross-contamination of materials with the outside world and the operators

● Silent device to reduce running noise

● Stainless steel storage barrel, with high strength, acid, alkali, salt resistance and other characteristics. It can be used for transportation in various environments.

● Automatic buzzer alarm for lack of material

● Automatic motor overload protection device

● It is the first choice for most powder material transportation methods


Model Motor Converying capacity(kg/h) Material hopper volume(L) Converying tube dia(mm) Package size(cm) Weight(kg)
XLAL-700 Carbon brush 1.5HP 1Φ 350 6 Φ38 66*46*46 26

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